The Reality

In a country which bands together by city, state even neighborhood when disaster strikes it is very hard to conceive that there is almost a nationwide moratorium on helping the homeless, yet, there is. There seems to be a common mindset that people are homeless because they choose to be. Nothing is further from the truth. When agencies designated to help the homeless do not do their part, when people are forced to abide in situations without a support system for an extended amount of time a hardship is created which is destined to have a chain reaction effect that penalizes the person who is trying to help whether family member or group.

Sadly, there are no jobs for unskilled persons, there are no affordable housing for individuals or families, and……… nothing available for our returning veterans housing or jobs with realistic transferable skillset properties.

I am being told there are no monies available, yet HUD has allocated funds for the purpose of housing the homeless which is filtered down to Continuum Of Care, which is supposed to make the monies available to local neighborhood housing entities to provide the housing. It doesn’t always work that way.

Two people had managed to keep a three-bedroom house going for a few years without additional funding up until one passed in March of 2018 off our disability. Utilities were never cut off for nonpayment. 

During those few years, people were able to get their lives back. People were able to get ID, Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, medical help for a wide range of diseases both physically and mentally. They got clean physically, mentally, socially, began to interact with society on a level considered acceptable.

The bottom line is there is no way one can really and sincerely talk about helping the homeless without providing a home for them.

Without a physical address, a place to get rooted and grounded every door of possibility ​gets closed. Most agencies will not entertain an application for services without an address and means of contact and that’s across the board.

Without corporate or individual sponsorship this avenue comes to a screeching halt.