Out Of The Abyss Inc. is a Not for Profit organization established to provide assistance to homeless individuals in an all out effort to reduce the number of people living on the streets here in Houston with its applications to be easily adaptable to any city in the continental United States. This will be a two tiered program which will include both emergency and transitional housing

Understanding that the causes of homelessness is multifaceted and varied in it stages of levels of seriousness with respect to the individual, Out Of The Abyss (hereafter referred to ass The Abyss) recognizes that it will take a multifaceted approach to address the needs of individuals to help them to adjust their lifestyles to be able to live independantly and productively.

One of the first requirements for The Abyss is to set up a home for men and a second home for women. These homes will provide safe and secure housing to meet the following immediate needs:

1. Intake and assessment

2. Counseling

3. Case management

a. Assignment of case specific curriculum to include

1. medical

2. education

3. job skills

4. comprehension evaluation

The transitional housing portion of The Abyss will focus on teaching life skills such as time and money management, conflict resolution, and grooming.

At both levels there will be continued counseling to break the ties of co-dependency which is a major part of survival in the streets. Most easily recognize the co-dependency the homeless person has on drugs and alcohol. Unnoticed is the co-dependency on other people that goes along with that environment. These unhealthy unions are what keep people on the streets. These friendships and couplings serve as catalysts of self- destruction so that the weaker person does not leave or walk away. The tie that keeps them (the weaker person) is security and safety. This is especially true for the women.

Other areas to be address include but are not limited to the following list. An examination of the case files from any homeless service will find that the average homeless person usually has a combination of needs from this list which need to be addressed.

• Medical (Physical) Health

• Mental Health

• Spiritual Health

• Addictions

• Abuse

• Hunger

• Housing

• Senior Citizen

• Disabled

• Veteran

• Pregnant

• Disabilities

• Family

• Education (lack of)

• Training (lack of)