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We can find reasons to explain away the lack of, the inability to accomplish, and disinterest of those pursuing or living this life. For some, these excuses and explanations are not so easy. There are serious challenges that prevent them from overcoming. Some are self-made and self-induced. Others are not. The important thing to remember is they all are restricted by a chain. 

Poverty is a chain that doesn't break easy. Its links reach out into so many aspects of a life it literally causes people to quit living; settling for just existing.​

In a country which bands together by city, state even neighborhood when disaster strikes it is very hard to conceive that there is almost a nationwide moratorium on helping the homeless, yet, there is. There seems to be a common mindset that people are homeless because they choose to be. 

Nothing is further from the truth. 

When agencies designated to help prevent homelessness do not do their part, when people are forced to abide in situations without a support system for an extended amount of time a hardship is created which is destined to have a chain reaction effect that penalizes the person who is trying to help whether family member or agency as well as the person in need.

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It is time to consider other options. We cannot continue to treat our fellow human beings as indispensable property and kick them to the curb. We can no longer keep turning a blind eye to the needs of others because they do not live like we do. The truth of the matter is “but for the grace of God, there go many more of us” 

As society keeps changing the rules about what is acceptable and what is not, more people are finding themselves victims of poverty and the callous indifference of the powers that be.   

We cannot continue to blame homelessness on drugs, alcohol and laziness without considering that the real taskmaster is poverty.

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The vision for this ministry is complex in that it is to develop emergency temporary and permanent housing for those living on the streets. It is also to be a template for future expansion to other areas as well.

Having been director of the homeless shelter at Corinthian Christian Empowerment Center from 2005 to 2010 and house manager for A.H.O.P.E. Ministry from 2010 to 2015, I have learned every person has a different set of circumstances which have contributed to his/her present situation.

Focused on bringing a word of encouragement, a hot meal, and whenever possible, directions to varied offices and facilities where a person might find the immediate assistance needed, we are viewing current policies from varied agencies to determine what is being done and what needs to be done. I have been taking people on a case by case emergency basis since I’ve been at this address for up to a week, but in the long run, something more concrete and substantial is needed.


Because the face of homelessness has changed in the last few years, no longer can it be assumed that people are living on the streets because that is where they want to be. We must also acknowledge that many the people living on the streets are not there because of drugs, or alcoholism.

 I have learned over the last 14 years while working with the homeless that one size does not fit all. Each person has a different set of circumstances which has contributed to his/her present situation. Likewise, is the fact that while many seem to have traveled the same road to get to their present condition, and even among those, everyone is in a different place. Since each group has specific criteria to be addressed within specific boundaries, it is also necessary to set up specific corridors of assistance which are specific to the needs of the individual.

This is already somewhat recognized and addressed on a broad scale in that some provision is already in place. What is not in place is a mechanism to assist individuals to be able to fully access the available resources to improve their individual situation, or expand into a self-reliance instead of dependency upon systems.


It is the intent and purpose of OUT OF THE ABYSS to provide an atmosphere conducive to personal growth and independence for those individuals who are dependent upon service industry to survive by providing them a place which will enable them to provide for themselves.

Whether a person, crippled by mental health or physical health, the more a person can do for him/herself, increases their self-esteem to a place of 'I can do this rather than I can't', thus allowing that individual to take charge of their own life instead of just existing day to day with no sense of self-worth.

We are seeking the resources to establish housing dedicated to the specific groups as follows with individualized assistance to allow the individual to take charge of his or her own life, freeing them from the bondage of dependency upon systems.


               THEY SEEK ANSWERS

Out Of The Abyss Inc., formed in July of 2015, with its principal address at that time as 4111 Hare Street, Houston, Texas, 77020 was formed with its sole purpose as presented in Art. 1 sec.2 and 3 of its bylaws which specifically state:

“Said Corporation is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal code.

More specifically, the Corporation is organized exclusively for charitable purposes to address the needs of the homeless population in and around Houston, TX. This Corporation is formed for charitable and informational purposes and it will be nonprofit and nonpartisan. “*

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Out Of The Abyss Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization established to provide assistance to homeless individuals in an all-out effort to reduce the number of people living on the streets here in the Houston area with its applications to be easily adaptable to any city in the continental United States. This will be a two-tiered program which will include both emergency and transitional housing

Understanding that the causes of homelessness is multifaceted and varied in it stages of levels of seriousness with respect to the individual, Out Of The Abyss (hereafter referred to as The Abyss) recognizes that it will take a multifaceted approach to address the needs of individuals to help them to adjust their lifestyles to be able to live independently and productively.

One of the first requirements for The Abyss is to set up a home for men and a second home for women. These homes will provide safe and secure housing to meet the following immediate needs:

1. Intake and assessment

2. Counseling

3. Case management

a. Assignment of case specific curriculum to include

1. medical

2. education

3. job skills

4. comprehension evaluation

5. Utilize third party referral service to access necessary

schools and or agencies with appropriate training or education facilities to certify

and qualify the resident’s ability to perform the work required

For this purpose The Abyss will partner with Mission One International and other local groups.

The transitional housing portion of The Abyss will focus on teaching life skills such as time and money management, conflict resolution, and grooming.

At all levels there will be continued counseling to break the ties of co-dependency

which is a major part of survival in the streets. Most recognize the co-dependency the homeless person has on drugs and alcohol. Unnoticed is the co-dependency on other people that goes along with that environment. These unhealthy unions are what keep people on the streets. These friendships and couplings serve as catalysts of self-destruction so that the weaker person does not leave or walk away. The tie that keeps them (the weaker person) is security and safety. This is especially true for the women.

Other areas to be address include but are not limited to the following list. An examination of the case files from any homeless service will find that the average homeless person usually has a combination of needs from this list which need to be addressed.

Medical (Physical) Health

Mental Health

Spiritual Health





Senior Citizen






Education (lack of)

Training (lack of)


There comes a time when one must recognize that help is needed, and needed in a hurry.

As I travelled through the city yesterday Sunday, August 20th, I was forced to change my bus route as I was running late. Once reaching the outskirts of the downtown district, I walked from the bus stop to the train station. Every parking lot I passed had people sleeping on the naked ground, which was bad enough in and of itself. The second observance I made was that the majority of these people were in fifties and older. Some I knew from my work with the homeless through the past 12-13 years. I also noticed that missing from some of them were walkers and wheel chairs, medical equip needed to help them get around from place to place if only to keep medical appointments. Personally, I knew some who were only able to travel 10 to 20 feet at a time without having to stop and rest. Something else I noticed with the ones that I knew were that the pouches or cases they used to carry their medicines in were missing.

As I caught my train, I had to wonder where do they go to get out of the intense heat we have been having to cool off or just to get a drink of water. I remember one person trying to cross Fannin Street at Preston and it took him the whole cycle of two lights to get across. Fortunately, this was a Sunday morning about 6:45 a.m. so there was not much Southbound traffic on the street. I really had to thank God for the drivers of two cars who waited patiently for this person to get on the sidewalk before moving on in their journey. The next consideration is where do they go when the rain starts.

This city has a program that it is backing called ‘The Way Home’, but since the ‘cart is pulling the horse’, how long is it going to take to get the housing necessary? More important even of the available housing, how long will it take to get approved for the housing? With the downsizing of offices and streamlining of the agencies that were providing assistance to get necessary paperwork and authorizations to move forward. The HMIS system was to help reduce the duplications of applications through a central corridor, but all it seems to be doing is tracking and disqualifying folks that need the help the most.

I am requesting the assistance of sponsorship from every available corridor individually and collectively to help make affordable housing available to everyone that needs it. I am also asking everyone that can to help demand that the city makes low, no income housing available and quit with the townhomes and condos no one can afford.

As of 2016

Texas has 15.9% of its people living below the poverty level and are ranked 37th in the 48 contiguous states of the U.S.

$12,060 is 100% of the poverty level for 1 person. This translates to most people on social security or social security and disability trying to live on ¾ of the national poverty level or $9060 per year.

It’s time to take a stand.